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June 17, 2007

Beyond Katrina Reader Interactive






I am a FL writer who has just published a 32 pg., full-color children's book, Gullah, The Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina. A percentage of the sales goes to Katrina relief. Visit: www.GullahMeetsKatrina.com , the book's web site. Organizations may wish to use the book's discounted prices for fundraising. We ship postage pd. Currently I have no contacts in NOLA. We want to reach locals and schools. Contact me at author@gullahmeetskatrina or nan7960@comcast.net. Thanks so much,
Nancy H. Murray

Just as the Auto Park is taking shape for automobile experimentation and development, the time has come for the development of a new generation of home designs. Our citizenry cannot endure the continued and monumental destruction of their residences by tornadoes and other ravages of high-winds. Engineering and architectural sciences must combine to develop criteria for residents with the structural integrity to withstand these attacks by nature while maintaining aesthetics with individualistic forms. We need a Home Design Park. Yes, some contractors are touting storm resistant structures, but we need a non-partial, independent facility funded by residential home contractors and other interested parties. Any structure, such as an inverted cone (even truncated), should result in a normal component of wind force that would assist in hold-down. A sizeable structural foot below grade would counteract any tipping force. That below grade structure could also provide habitable areas. After a series of working prototypes are established, design aesthetics and interesting features could evolve. Some designs could include sacrificial appendages (facades only) that could be lost with no harm to the inhabitants. Fairings could be added to eliminate any pockets where the wind could lift the structure.

As a first step, it would seem that personnel protective modules could be developed for use today. A lucrative and thriving business could result now. It would take the place of the storm cellars of the past. Such pods, being mostly below grade could have acceptable visual features to complement the home. Also, safety pods could be provided for assembly within existing homes.

It is easy to sit and pipe dream new ideas, but I believe that now is the time for action if such hasn’t already begun. It may take a quarter-century to establish effective new living structures, but experimentation should begin now. When I was a consulting engineer in a systems group at General Electric Missile and Space Division in the 1960s, I recall specifying and having various shapes fabricated for radar cross-section tests. Similarly, test facilities would be necessary to examine various concepts, with modeling, wind tunnels, etc. We need new materials, designs, and fabrication techniques. As an afterthought, the tops of the structures could contain greenery to replace that eliminated by the construction footprint. This would contribute to nature’s photosynthesis processes. Thank you for giving your attention to this letter.


jake bailey

1403 Leeward Road
Anderson, SC 29625-5927
Tel: 864.261.6433 (FAX after 6 rings)

I am a emt I was deployed for almost 2 months and I have never been paid right we were to be paid at the fed goverment rate for EMS and Fire Fighters for 2 months I was only paid 1000 dollars but I have how much the owner was paid from a goverment site its self this shows that the courupttion and decet go farther than any one Knew

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